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The WillOfTheTrader/GS Max Package; My Full Methods

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Get My Full Trading Plans And Filmed Analysis Using The Same Method:

My Full Trading Course Involving my full method(s) that I use to trade my own Broker Accounts as seen on public trading platforms like TradingView and MQL5;

Including my Key Market Value Rules, Capital and Risk Management, Hedging Rules, Trading Psychology/Mindset, News and Market Sentiment Tracking, Natural Market Trading, Market Formations, Equity Management, Set Position Sizes and Much, much more.

  • My Full Video Series with new videos added on new lessons that are filmed for further education, based on questions and further additions to all aspects of Trading. Covering everything you need to know to be consistently profitable day trading / Swing trading / Investing in any asset class.

  • Extra Indicators Package to apply to your Charts on MT4 allowing you to track all Markets correctly that aren't available anywhere else and are custom made by me. This is a downloadable file to apply directly to your charts with ease and includes full explainer videos on how to apply them to make your trading safer and more accurate.

  • Extra Training Webinars As Classes To Aid Your Learning And Growth. Extend your learning and go over important lessons until you thoroughly understand every part of my trading plan and how to implement it inside your trading and broker account.

  • Extra Bonuses to assist your Trading as additional Freebie gifts as a new member of WOTT. These are compliments as a new member that you get as an additional benefit when you join.

  • Email Server with emailed out trading plans and updates on the markets to keep you on track with your learning at all times. This is exclusive to members only and not publicly available.

  • Support Via Email and personal to 1-1 mentoring / answers.
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