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Financial And Legal Disclaimer(s):

Risk Warning and our disclaimer:
Trading and Investing comes with risk and it is a must that you research and make sure you can afford the risks it inherently poses. Forex, spread bets and CFDs are leveraged products. They may not be suitable for you as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.

Liability / Legal Disclaimer: We offer absolutely no guarantee of results and any materials / services recommendations are built of my experience and nothing else. We will not be held liable for any losses incurred by using any of our materials anywhere online. This service, including all mentoring, educational materials and software / indicators is for entertainment purposes only and does not or will not ever guarantee any specific results.
Any questions that are answered on a private basis, via direct messages, email, picture or video are also strictly not investment advice and should only be treated as an opinion based on the strategy that I would use (Will Sebastian). You are not to copy this with the intent that you are going to be guaranteed to make any money at any time.

If you are unsure about how financial products work, including leveraged trading we suggest that you consult your financial advisor and learn more about the risks it presents.

Your Agreement With Us:

By Purchasing your access on any page provided by us in any format of payment, you agree that you have read all the terms on this page.

Our service includes a video series access and also support which is tied to the terms listed on this page. Upon payment, you will receive both these parts to the service, if applicable and the time and subject to change.

After successful payment and receipt of funds transferred by any method, you will receive the product and service stated on this terms page above and you agree to follow the terms also stated on this page underneath.

These products are sold under the Company name:

The Cheeseman Trading Company LTD and the company is fully responsible for any complaints thereafter or procedures regarding refunds or any form of issue. Your agreement is solely with this company and not any individual within it at any time.


Links Inside Members Training Area:

From time to time we may suggest the use of preferred broker(s) and trading news event publishing sites.

This is based on our recommendation and similarly to our products guarantees no results. You should review these sites and recommendations and make your own choice about their use and the safety of your funds.

We sometimes get paid affiliate commissions from the use of these sites and are transparent about it. This is a means of additional revenue that the business can generate.

Any dispute you may incur with a recommended company of any kind that we suggest will not be a liability of ours and is entirely down to you and the company or entity to solve on your own terms.

We are not responsible for any 3rd party links provided or any issues you incur with them. We are also not liable to change any 3rd party links at any time.


Copyright Disclaimer(s):

All materials, including all videos, written educational texts, mentoring and anything that is property owned or created by The Cheeseman Trading Company LTD under the name 'Will Sebastian' or 'BeProfitable' or within any of our website domains and video channels is strictly copyrighted and is therefore not copyable.

Any resulting copying and sharing of any information without consent is illegal and we shall follow up in pursuit of any infringement. Your Account access to our materials also is not shareable and if you are believed to be doing so, we will remove your access without a refund.

This includes all the videos in the members area and any training, be it written, or in picture format. You shall also not share any mentoring responses given on a private basis.

You are forbidden to share your login password so that anybody else can log into your members area, so please avoid doing it.

Copying on coded/programmed MT4 Indicators is also strictly forbidden. Any sharing of MT4 Indicator files or replication of data/code is an infringement of copyright on The Cheeseman Trading Company LTD and if it is found you are doing so it will be followed by legal action.

Any Copyright on the BeProfitable brand name is also subject to copyright laws.

Refund Terms:

Within the BeProfitable Academy package, you will receive a 14 day money back guarantee with the following terms attached. This is to make sure that we are on an even and fair playing field with the customer and also that our materials are protected against fraud or abuse of any kind.

You have exactly two weeks (14 days) to request a refund for your purchase. Any refund request that is not made within this timeframe will not result in a refund.

Please note that if you view all the materials considerably (over 50% progress) then you will not be due a refund as you will have viewed most of the content. We do this to avoid abuse of materials and also to save our mutual time and protect privacy. We have the ability to check the progress on every video and every section, so we will send you proof of progress should you be unhappy. This is also to protect hard working paying members.

We also offer mentoring bonuses from time to time. If after your mentoring bonus time expires you have not subscribed to the monthly mentoring subscription offered to you, we will not be responsible for supplying mentoring, although you will still retain the materials if you paid an initial sum to start with. By purchasing your access with a mentoring bonus promotion, we are not liable to fulfil it beyond the time of your purchase. There is also no set time for replies and these can be at our discretion, although they are usually throughout the day, 8AM - PM GMT.

Course Materials And Terms Changing:

From time to time, we may remove or repost materials including videos and written content. We may also edit or remove any calculators and indicators that are visible in the members area.

We reserve the full right to stop/remove your access to these materials or remove any content we choose to at any time without liability for any reason whatsoever and without the obligation to issue you a refund.

This means temporarily or permanently stopping access to any or all materials provided upon payment, as well as software or indicator products.

We fully reserve the right to update these terms at any time, before, during or after your purchase. It your responsibility to check them within these times.

Please keep up to date with our materials via email channels and direct contact.

For any queries, questions or doubts, please get in touch by emailing:

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